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Visiting Non-degree
Visiting Non-degree


This link is for use by “Visiting Non-degree Seeking” students for Summer registration to setup an account.

Visiting Undergraduate students will be setup to register themselves online. High school students entering their Senior year in the Fall may attend in the Summer. High school students must be prepared to do college-level work.

Those visiting Graduate Education students wishing to take courses in our Institutes programs for TESOL Cohorts or Summer Institutes should go to the tab for TESOL Cohort or the tab Summer Institutes. May register beginning 9am, April 12, 2017.

Visiting Graduate students may submit this form to take graduate courses in credit programs. These registrations must be approved by the appropriate Associate Division Dean. Approvals can be done with Associate Division Deans in-person or online using advising clearance. May register beginning 9am March 6, 2017.

SV = Undergraduate Visiting Non-Degree

SG = Graduate Non-Degree

Please use your full legal name, including your full middle name and correct SSN. Students without SSN’s may contact 516.323.4300 to request a tentative number that will be needed to setup an your new account.

An automatic email confirming your submission was made will be sent when you submit your request for an account.

A second email will be sent in one to two business days notifying you of your temporary username. This will allow you to register for Summer courses with the initial password that you chose.